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New LogMo logo, simpler and cleaner.

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This is the main theme of MicroWorld! This will also be used as the music to be played in the daytime.

Posted 2 years ago

It has begun…

It’s been four weeks since we posted our presentation. Now it’s time to show what we have made:

Here is the first version of MicroWorld! Which you can download here.

This should be alpha 0.1, but since it’s still very rough (and not even funny), and since there’s nothing before alpha, this is will be called omega 0.1… yeah… MicroWorld Omega 0.1!

The world is very limited and there are only some procedurally-generated lakes and Carl…


  • Arrow keys move Carl.
  • 'S' saves the current game.
  • 'L' loads a saved world.
  • Left mouse button is used to place objects.
  • Right mouse button is used to change the active object.
  • Shift + Left mouse button is used to delete the selected object.

We are already working on ω 0.2, which will feature endless procedurally generated worlds with trees, rocks and biomes, a daytime theme song and a nighttime one, a launcher and maybe better graphics; but there are a few issues with the world generator, so we’re going to release it later… meanwhile, we hope to get noticed!

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Hello world!

So, here we are!

LogMo is essentially a group of guys trying to make games. Because, hey! Anyone can make a game nowadays!

Inspired by games such as Minecraft, Terraria, Dwarf fortress, and so on, MicroWorld is our very first project.

It’s a game about placing blocks, moving, placing more blocks, farming, surviving and placing even more blocks. Then you say: “there are lots of games like that!” but Microworld is, in fact, pretty different.

First of all, it’s 2D, so it’s already different from minecraft and its countless clones. Then, you have direct control on the only one character, so it’s not Dwarf fortress… And it’s in top-down view! So it’s different from Terraria.

Seriously now, there are no games such that in top-down view, so we decided to make this game to try doing new stuff and to have fun :)

Oh, we are not english, so expect to find some (lots of!) mistakes in this post!

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